heswall ice christmas festival santas grotto

Santa Claus has heard about the Heswall ICE Festival too. He is so excited to come and visit all of the children to check if you have been naughty or nice! We are delighted that Santa will be switching on the Heswall Christmas lights on Thursday 1st December and greeting all the festival goers.

On Sunday 4th December, Santa will be in our very own grotto located to the rear of Heswall Library. 

Take a seat in Santa’s Grotto while he reads you a tale of Christmas and answers your Christmassy questions.  What is Rudolf’s favourite food? How can you visit all the houses in all the world on one night? What powers Santa’s sleigh?  Is it cold in the North Pole?  What will you ask Santa?

All little boys and girls will be called up and receive a pouch of Rudolph’s magic feed to place outside on Christmas Eve.  Then they can share their Christmas wishes with Santa.

Have your cameras ready to capture your child’s excitement.  The joy, laughter and fun enjoyed by your little ones is an experience you can treasure forever.